GNB 78

August 15, 2022


“If we walk in the light, as He (Yahweh Elohim) is in the light, we have fellowship with one another; and the blood of Jesus, His Son, purifies us from all sin.” (1 John 1.7)


To God be the glory! Yes, Jesus lived to die for our sins so that we might all give glory to God for the great things He has done. So loved He the world, so goes the hymn, that He gave us His Son. His Son yielded allegiance glad-hearted and free. He opened the life-gate, so that all may go in.

But, if there is no light to see the way, the truth and the life, then we wander about in the darkness. There is a reason why we, as believers in Christ, hold on to the truth of Jesus because the light of God is in Him and He in the light of God. Think of all the tools of light available to us and associate them with a biblical truth; such as-

A lighthouse which provides a beacon of boundaries to those adrift in the sea of life. It is not a light that would draw them all to it lest they be dashed upon the rocks on the point on which it stands. Instead, it directs the traveller to safe harbor when skies are dark, the air is gray and the lights of the heavens are not visible.

A spotlight which is used to highlight something or someone of vital importance. It draws attention not to the light but to the giver of light. While it seems to be searching the darkness for that which is lost, it cuts through the darkness that so easily entangles and suffocates. It sets free the wandering with the hope of finding their way to what is most important: the One carrying the light.

A candle which is used to bring light to a place where one is seeking knowledge of the shelter provided. It’s simplicity of comfort calms the fearful and the lost. It gives them a sense of belonging that assuages doubt in the moment until a great light can be found. It is the declarer of peace which wraps itself around us like a soft blanket.

The candle reminds me of a story about a man who had three sons. It was time to make a decision as to who would lead the family business. He tasked his sons with three equal sums of money. He sent them out with the purpose of buying something that would fill the room he would sit in until they returned. The one who accomplished the task would lead the business. The oldest set out and happened upon a wood cutter. He noticed piles of branches and sticks left as the woodsman prepared the trunk to become lumber. He bought the piles noticing how much space they took up believing they would meet his father’s request. The second son set out and happened upon a farmer with large flocks of ducks, chickens and geese. He noticed how the wind gathered up the down feathers shed by the animals into large piles. He made arrangements to have the feathers delivered to his house. He was confident that they would fill the room and meet his father’s request. The third son was a carefree boy but thoughtful boy. He went immediately into town with hopes of making a deal with someone who could help him accomplish what his father had given him to do. In his walking, a hole was worn in the sole of his shoe. He went to a cobbler to have it repaired. As he approached the store, he saw a man who had no shoes hobbling down the rocky street. The boy bought him a pair of shoes forgetting about his own. He then had a hunger and decided to visit the local market to buy something to eat. As he rounded a corner to enter the town square, he saw a woman with a small child pleading for some token to buy milk and bread. The boy was touched by her kindness and need. She reminded him of his own dear mother. He went to the market and purchased a jug of milk and two loaves of bread to give her. He forgot how hungry he had been as his hunger was more for an emptiness food rarely fills but charity always does. As he continued to search the town for something to fill his father’s room, he was stymied beyond reason. Nothing seemed capable of doing what his father asked. As the day passed and the sun slowly fell below the horizon, the boy was left in the dark. With the last coin he purchased a candle and a match to light it to illumine his way home. He was disappointed that he would not be able to satisfy his father’s expectation. Meanwhile, his two brothers returned home filled with confidence that each had made the right decision. The brother with sticks soon discovered that he had to break them down to get them through the door. As he began to stack them in the far corner to work toward the door, he noticed that what seemed to be large piles outside were reduced to small stacks inside. He soul was downcast. The brother with down feathers watched as the farmer delivered bags in the back of his wagon. But, the bumpy ride had caused the feathers to settle. The bags full of feathers at the start still had the same amount of feathers but were compacted together. His heart became downcast because he had pursued something that could not satisfy the charge given by his father. The hour grew later. The father sat longingly with great concern for the younger son. There was no word of his arrival. His two older sons began to debate as to which had met the father’s request the best. Surely, that son would be chosen. They had no confidence in their little brother being able to do what was required. A time came, however, that even they began to worry about his fate. The young boy walked home slowly bathed in the light of the candle. He protected it with his hand if a wind blew by. He turned slowly so as not to extinguish it when he heard sounds that went bump in the night. He kept it low to the ground to be both a lamp for his feet and a light to his path. He knew the way home because he saw the world as he knew it best, from the perspective of a child literally grounded to the road that lead to his father’s house. He feared no shadows as long as the light was with him. When all in the house feared the worst and prepared to go and look for the boy, in he walked. He called their names and they breathed a sigh of relief. He walked into the room where his father and brothers sat. The light of the candle, yes, filled the room. He saw their faces streaming with tears of worry turned to joy. He told them of the man with no shoes and the mother with no food. He told them of his search with no answers leaving him only enough money to buy the candle and a match now nearly burned out. But, the proud father took him in his arms and directed his gaze to what the brothers had done. The light made it all visible- the things of this world cannot truly satisfy the Father’s will. All fail in comparison to the light in the world that covers the soul and fills the longing for life. The one who walked in the light becomes the light and goes about His Father’s business. So, too, should we.

I think that’s enough reflection for today.


Continue to shine on us, in us and through us the light of life which is Your Word fulfilling to meet the needs for which we have been truly created. We will walk by the light of faith and not by the sight of the world. AMEN.

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